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    Send Large Files Free

    Transfer Big Files Online

    Send unlimited number of large files to any number of friends. Transfer big files free across town or to the other side of the world. Email large files with ease.

    What is so special about

    Unlike other big size file-transferring websites and regular email accounts, Plustransfer´s pre-upload solution allows faster file transfer.

    Send Large Files With Ease


    How to send large files? Have you ever uploaded a large file on your email and then received a message stating that the documents attached were too big and can not be sent? It can be very, very frustrating. Afterwards, maybe you started thinking if it was even possible to transfer such a large file or what burdensome process would your file have to undergo to be sent successfully.

    Start Upload

    is the method of choice when sending large files through email.... Read More Quick and successful file transfer with three easy steps. When people want to transfer big files they want to do it fast, this is why we have arranged the most convenient way to do just that. No registration or security codes are required. You can select any file type: videos, photos, CAD or PowerPoint presentation. You can add any number of files as there is no limit in our file uploading box. We are very grateful to be chosen as your file transferring site. Our aim is to make your data transfer experience as comfortable as it can possibly be.

    How does it work

    The website is extremely simple to use and it requires absolutely no technical knowledge. You don't even need to sign up or give Your name in order to use the website, all what is needed is an email address along with a message and the recipient's email address. Files are uploaded to the cloud-based solution with extreme speed and ease as soon as You select them from the computer. ... Read More


    As long as clients benefit from a high-speed Internet connection, uploading the maximum of files per email shouldn't last for longer than 30 minutes. However, smaller files get uploaded even in a matter of seconds, so one will not even know when the service has finished doing its job. All files uploaded from users' computer arrive into website's cloud-based servers, remaining there for about 2 weeks. This is the period in which the receiver can access the file(s) at any time and download them with ease regardless of the device.

    A major aspect of PlusTransfer is that neither the upload nor the download speeds are restricted, thus enabling users to send data without having to worry about the entire duration of the process. As long as a high-speed connection is available on both sides, online transferring of files will not be an impediment anymore. Let's go a little into detail and see which exactly are the advantages of

    Ability to transfer big files of up to 2,1GB in size

    This is an impressive amount of space put at everyone's disposal, and one doesn't even need an account in order to benefit from it. Data can be sent to any recipient as long as that person has an email address. It's also worthy to be noted that any type of data can be transferred for as long as they are virus-free; they will be checked by the system in this regard. Sending large files in this manner is a lot more convenient, as there are no CDs, DVDs or memory sticks involved and one can break free from the 10MB upload limit set by most email providers.

    File transfer with an unlimited number of emails per day

    In case you need to send data which are >2,1GB in size, then you can compose more messages. These can be sent to the same receiver or to a different email address of choice. There is no limit as to how many times one can benefit from the file transfer option provided by PlusTransfer.

    Send large files to more recipients at once

    More than one email recipients can be added for each file transfer, thus enabling individuals to send important documents, photos or videos to an unlimited number of friends. Recipients will still not be able to see the other receivers or initiate a conversation with them, hence why the entire process is secure.

    File transfer security and privacy

    Only the file recipient will be able to see what you send, so you don't have to worry about other users seeing the data uploaded. The service is easy to use and guarantees security, not requiring any confidential data of users and not even a name or an account.

    Use big file transfer service as online memory stick

    Carrying out a DVD or memory stick along can be quite inconvenient, especially when one only has to deliver a PowerPoint presentation or showcase a short video or a couple of high-resolution images. Fortunately, PlusTransfer comes with a solution to this. Users can transfer data to themselves by simply providing an alternate email address of theirs, and hence the service becomes an online memory stick that everyone can use.

    Features & Benefits

    Quick & Easy + Free

    With just a few clicks, you send large files to your colleagues online. Upload single or multiple documents at once and then share the download link via social networking or messaging clients. No wait times for file uploads and downloads. Excellent loading speed of files and usability. All steps and options are visible to You in a way that You do not need to remember things from one point to another. We tried to implement and show only the elements that need to be there. No more, no less. The service is 100% free of charge for every single data transfer up to 2,1GB. You can use it as often as you want.

    No Signup & No Login + Storage

    All this resulting in comfortable, fast and user-friendly website. Data, you send, will be available 14 days to download. It is an alternative online email service that allow the transfer of big files without registration and without single file size limit. Finally, with unique upload solution implemented, we believe You will enjoy our online file transferring website.

    So now You know how to send large files to any number of friends across town or to the other side of the world. And how to transfer big files free via online email alternative without signing up.

    Take Care!:) Team

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