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    Send Big Files Online

    PlusTransfer is the simplest way to send large files free to anyone in any part of the world without registration. Send big files of up to 5GB at one instance or transfer unlimited amounts of big files in multiples of 5GB to as many recipients as you desire.

    PlusTansfer affords you the flexibility to transfer huge volumes of data to an infinite number of beneficiaries. With multiple servers domiciled at virtually every region of the world, you can send big files to any location, at any time without any delay. The service is bereft of the often tedious sign-up procedures, and the actual process of transferring large files via our minimalist online platform is as simple as ABC.

    Whatever your needs are, be it an organizational framework needing to send large packets of files to many recipients or an individual who needs a responsive data transfer service with low latency; the infrastructure utilized by PlusTransfer allows for seamless and hassle-free fulfillment of all your requirement. What’s more, this service is open to all and totally free to use.

    What is so special about ?

    Unlike conventional Email services and file sharing sites, plus transfer bases its tech infrastructure on high-end solutions optimized to flawlessy handle and transmit data no matter the size. The service’s native support for big files and easy access policy without the need for login parameters grants it an edge over traditional email and file transfer services. Hands on walkthroughs and a simplified interface allow even those with limited knowledge about computers to transfer large files without stress. And as far as performance goes, PlusTransfer is an industry leader. Our high-performance CDN servers hosted at virtually every metropolis guarantees speedy content delivery. This, coupled with our unparalleled network speeds, and uninteruoted uptime cements PlusTransfer’s name as the go-to service for large file transfer.

    Send Large Files With Ease


    Bolstered by the need to create a medium that allows for seamless transfer of data, ideas, and information, PlusTransfer was birthed by industry veterans in the field of tech, marketing, and innovation. Our goal, since inception is to foster a premium large file transfer service readily available to all and unhindered by the limitation of costs and accessibility predominant in the sector. As of today we are proud to say that this benevolent vision has come to fruition with our current line-up of technologies and data solutions.

    Notable Milestones

    November 2013 – we registered the domain name

    April 2014 – we began offering file sharing services on our site.

    February 2015 - UDRP at the WIPO denied the transfer of our domain "" to a Dutch competitor.

    April 2015 – We applied for and got the license to integrate Google Adsense into our site. A move necessitated by the need to seek alternate sources of revenue, in line with our free to use policy.

    November 2015 - PlusTransfer acquired PipeBytes. PipeByte was prior a sister website offering the large files transfer service via a direct online file sending P2P protocol. Subsequently, we floated both sites under the single umbrella of

    October 2016 – To further boost our competence and efficiency to catering for increased volume of users needing to send big files, we procured PasteLInk, SizableSend, and SendTransfer. This round of investment granted us the native capacity to support large files transfer of up to 1OGB at any instance.

    April 2017 – with the rising incidences of Spamming and phishing we decided to diversify our market reach with the acquisition of, a disposable, temporary email service designed for both the everyday internet user and business marketers.

    June 2017 - acquisition of MinuteInbox. (for marketers your original email address is gold) - The 10minute mail service

    November 2017 - As we are fans of the blockchain technology, we started following mining pools: musicoin mining pool | ellaism mining pool | pirl mining pool

    If there is a graphics card inside your computer, you can test coin mining experience now.

    In line with our objective of operating a minimalist and straight to the point platform, our software is fully optimized to handle your large file sharing needs in three simple steps; Start the web console, Upload your large files and click Send button. Easy as ABC, no need for sign ups, no registration fees, and most importantly as fast as is possible.

    Start Upload

    is the method of choice when sending large files through email.... Read More PlusTransfer supports all file types, from MP4, 3GP, DIVX, MKV, MP3 multimedia files to CAD, PPT. AI. PSD. DOCX. EXE system files, essentially any file type that can be saved can also be shared using PlusTransfer Large files sharing service.

    How does it work

    Using PlusTransfer large file sharing service requires absolutely no technical Knowledge. The web portal is intentionally crafted to spot a simple, minimalist and easy to use design. After providing your email which will be associated with your uploaded file, and a message to the intended recipient, you can then input the recipient's email. Viola! Your file is speedily uploaded to our reliable cloud-based solutions and is then readily available for download by the consignee.

    Typically upload time shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes for large files, provided the client is using a high-speed internet connection. Smaller files, on the other hand, take even shorter time frames to upload sometimes lasting just seconds. Once uploaded files are hosted on our cloud-based servers for approximately three weeks. During this period, the recipient can repeatedly download the uploaded files from any supported device.... Read More


    A critical distinguishing feature of our service from other service providers is that all our connections are unmetered. Meaning that regardless of the size of your files we won’t restrict your upload or download speeds. Cool right? Well, that’s not all, backed by our premium performance servers, uninterrupted downloads/uploads are guaranteed, ensuring that your download progress doesn’t halt halfway.

    Transfer 5GB worth of data instantaneously

    PlusTransfer users get large file sharing access capped at 5GB per transfer. All files are screened for viruses and malware before they are uploaded to the server. Our 5GB per transfer allocation outclasses the upload limit of our direct competitors and 10MB limit set by email providers.

    Need to Transfer a large file that exceeds the 5GB cap, we’ve got you covered

    As an added bonus PlusTransfer supports the creation of multiple transfer instances from a single user, each capped at 5GB. Users who need to share files that exceed the 5GB cap can then split such files into multiples of 5GB before uploading. This framework allows users to transfer unlimited amounts of large files to any destination in the world.

    Share files with multiple recipients at once

    Users also have the option of specifying more than one email recipient for each large file transfer. Recipients could number just one or extend way past hundred; there is no limit to the how many people you can send your files to.

    Secure and safeguarded

    Privacy and security are at the forefront of our objectives as a company. To that effect, we utilize end-to-end secure transmission of files to ensure that only you and your end receiver have access to the uploaded file. Our servers are well protected against hackers and other malicious entities. So rest easy knowing your account and files run no risk of unauthorized intrusion.

    PlusTransfer as a remote storage device

    Plus transfer rids you of the inconvenience of having to carry a physical storage device. How you may ask. By sending files to an alternate email of yours, PlusTransfer mimics the functionality of an online memory stick that allows you access to your files at whatever location. High time to ditch traditional storage devices.

    Standout Features

    Quick, Easy and Free

    With just a few clicks Plus Transfer allows you to send big files to colleagues, business associates, family, and friends. PlusTransfer supports single or multiple file uploads depending on your need at any instance. These uploads can then be shared either through email or by uploading a live link to the various social media outlets, whatever your file sharing needs are PlusTransfer is well equipped to handle it.

    No Sign Ups & No Logins

    At PlusTransfer we are only concerned with helping you share and transfer your files, hence our resolve to shelve the tedious procedure of signing up and logging in. Just load the web console and begin sharing immediately. PlusTransfer Large file transfer service features zero wait times, fast upload and download speeds, low service latency packed in a minimalistic interface. All this and more at no cost whatsoever.

    We strongly believe that you will enjoy using our user-friendly large file transfer service. If you happen to run into any issues, feel free to contact us, we promise to look into it immediately.

    Take care and Happy Sharing! Team

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